Research Team

Our team is committed to building a strong foundation to forge a broader and more robust platform to improve the care of the frail elderly in western Canada. We have assembled team members in three provinces who collectively have a wealth of scientific, strategic and operations experience. Our assembled decision-makers have the authority and commitment to implement significant changes to improve this important aspect of the health system. Our assembled researchers and decision-makers are equally committed to meaningful engagement, good science and system change in order to improve the lives of the frail elderly residents for whom these transitions are real. More info...

The Research Team - Governance, Management and Commitment

The team has adopted a shared governance model. Principles and approaches that keep the shared governance model operating as a partnership include: shared commitment to the research program's objectives, transparent decision making, clearly stated roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, clear timelines and deliverables, timely and effective and regular communication including investing in "face to face time", respect for boundaries, and ethical practice in both research and care delivery.

The roles and contributions of the senior leaders participating in this team are critical to the success of the program, and this group of decision-makers has made a strong commitment to the success of this program of research. Investigators have also made similar commitments and for example have had explicit discussions about the real amount of time that must be contributed.

The OPTIC Governance Structure organizational chart (click here) shows the reporting structure. Specific committees and their members are listed below.

Steering Committee

Greta Cummings (Co-Chair), Joanne Konnert (Co-Chair), Glenda Coleman-Miller, Peter Norton, Colin Reid, Carole Estabrooks, Susan Lynch (Project Manager)

Data Committee

Carole Estabrooks (Co-Chair), Adrian Wagg (Co-Chair), Greta Cummings, Colin Reid

RAI: Peter Norton, Cindy Regier

Qualitative: Joan Bottorff, Norah Keating

Transition Tool (T3): Garnet Cummings

Economic: Meredith Lilly, Greta Cummings

Geographic: Candace Nykaforuk, Brian Rowe, Susan Lynch (Project Manager), Elmabrok Masaoud (Statistician), Laura Bissell (BC Project Coordinator), Stephanie Abel (AB Project Coordinator)

Qualitative Working Group

Joan Bottorff (Co-Chair), Norah Keating (Co-Chair), Carole Robinson, Belinda Parke, Meredith Lilly, Candace Nykiforuk, Anne Marie Broemeling, Cindy Regier, Tracey Neil, Susan Lynch (Project Manager), Ozden Yurtseven (Data Analyst), Maggie Lo (BC Project Coordinator), Stephanie Abel (AB Project Coordinator)

T3 Working Group

Garnet Cummings (Co-Chair), Anne-Marie Broemeling (Co-Chair), Cindy Crane, Michael Ertel, Karen Latoszek, Tracey Neil, Sunil Sookram, Jacques Lee, Candace Nykiforuk, Meredith Lilly, Adrian Wagg, Anne-Marie Bostrom, Cindy Regier, Susan Lynch (Project Manager), Ozden Yurtseven (Data Analyst), Maggie Lo (BC Project Coordinator), Stephanie Abel (AB Project Coordinator)

Economic Working Group

Meredith Lilly, Greta Cummings, Norah Keating

Geographic Working Group

Candace Nykiforuk

RAI Working Group

Peter Norton (Co-Chair), Cindy Regier (Co-Chair), Colin Reid, Anne-Marie Broemeling, Adrian Wagg, Ozden Yurtseven, James Doiron

OPTIC Operations Committee

Greta Cummings (Co-Chair), Colin Reid (Co-Chair), Susan Lynch (Project Manager), Maggie Lo (BC Project Coordinator), Stephanie Abel (AB Project Coordinator), and Working Group Members as needed

Integrated KT Committee

Joanne Konnert (Co-Chair), Glenda Coleman-Miller (Co-Chair), Caroline Clark, Corinne Schalm, Greta Cummings, Colin Reid, Jacques Lee