Clear Outcomes

Principal Investigator Completed

Dr. Cummings has received grants totaling more than 3.5 million for studies completed as principal investigator. Areas of focus include older persons’ transitions, nursing leadership, and others.

For more information on completed research see the table below.

Completed Studies

Older Persons’ Transitions

Nursing Leadership




Examining Aged Care Transitions


Improving Communications during Aged Care Transitions


Enhancing Leadership and Coaching Study


Becoming a Coach Pilot


QWEST Quality Work Environment Study


QWEST Symposium


Nurses Career Aspirations to Management


Leadership Research in Nursing and Health


Worklife Improvement Leadership Development


Nursing Leadership 30-Day Mortality


Provost Establishment Grant

International Nurse Registration


Meta Epi


Managers Use of Knowledge


KT Practices Healthcare Decision-Makers


A Bibliometric Review ESAS


Implementation Best Practice Oncology Pain


Telehealth Lung Triage