Bibliometric Review: Edmonton Symptom Assessment System

Start/End Dates: 2008 - 2009

Investigators: Cummings GG (PI), Hagen N, Fainsinger R, Stiles C, Biondo P

Grant Amount: $25,136.50

Description: Through conducting a bibliometric study, we will explore the successful journey of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS) from conceptualization to wide spread uptake and use around the world in the assessment and treatment of patients living with cancer. The results of this project will serve as a foundation to promote more effective dissemination of palliative care innovations such as assessment and other clinical tools across Canada and internationally.


1. Review the multidisciplinary research literature with a goal of tracking the uptake of the ESAS from its conceptualization to present day use in research and practice.

  1. 2. Critically analyze this journey to determine how it unfolded, and to inform planning for implementation of PainNET team research results.


Cummings GG, Biondo PD, Campbell D, Fainsinger R, Stiles C, Muise M, Hagen NA. (2011). Can the global uptake of palliative care innovations be improved? Insights from a bibliometric analysis of the Edmonton Sympton Assessment System (ESAS). Palliative Medicine,25 (1): 71-82.

Cummings GG, Hagen NA, Fainsinger R, Stiles C, Biondo P. (2008). Bibliometric Review (Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale). Palliative Medicine, 22: 552.