Becoming a Coach: A Leadership Workshop for Long-Term Care Managers

Investigators: Cummings GG (PI), Laschinger H

Funder: CIHR (Subgrant: TREC)

Grant Amount: $50,000

Description: The purpose of this pilot project was to examine in-depth the experience of long-term care managers in becoming coaches of their staff's performance, and its subsequent influence on provider skills and research use and the potential for influencing resident outcomes. This was accomplished by implementing a Coaching for Impressive Care workshop in a long-term care setting with front-line patient care managers.


  1. Identify opportunities for managers to coach staff performance development in long-term care facilities.
  2. Understand managers' experiences in developing coaching skills.
  3. Examine opportunities where managers have used Coaching for Impressive Care skills in practice following the workshop.
  4. Define ongoing objectives and a full research proposal for an operating grant to examine the effectiveness of this coaching intervention in facilitating information/knowledge to practice.



Cummings GG, Mallidou A, Masaoud E, Kumbamu A, Schalm C, Laschinger L, Estabrooks CA. (2014). On becoming a coach: A pilot intervention study with managers in long-term care. Health Care Management Review, 39 (3): 198-209.