Improving Communications during Aged Care Transitions

Improving Communications during Aged Care Transitions

Start/End Dates: 2014 - 2015

Research Team Members:

Dr. Greta Cummings, University of Alberta (PI)

Dr. Carole Estabrooks, University of Alberta

Dr. Adrian Wagg, University of Alberta

Dr. Brian Rowe, University of Alberta

Dr. Garnet Cummings, University of Alberta

Dr. Colin Reid, University of British Columbia

Carol Anderson, Alberta Health Services, Continuing Care

Karen Latoszek, University of Alberta Hospital Emergency Department

Garnet Munro, Emergency Medical Services Edmonton Zone

Ann Chiovetti, Alberta Health Services, Emergency Medical Services

Sarah Cooper, University of Alberta, Masters of Nursing Student

Wendy L Schneider, CLEAR Outcomes Program, University of Alberta

Kaitlyn Tate, University of Alberta, Honors Nursing Student

Funder: TVN (Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network) Catalyst Grant

Grant Amount: $112,109

Description: A key finding of the Older Persons' Transitions in Care (OPTIC) project is the need for common documentation across all settings. OPTIC: IMPACT seeks to develop an evidence-based measure of successful nursing home to emergency department transitions, and to identify areas for care improvement.

More specifically, IMPACT investigates the effectiveness of using a standardized two-page evidence-informed Inter-Facility Patient Transfer form to improve communication of care information for Nursing Home residents transferred to the Emergency Department by Emergency Medical Services and returned to their Nursing Home.