Knowledge Translation Practices of Healthcare Decision-Makers: A Pilot Study

Start/End Dates: 2009 - 2010

Investigators: Cummings GG (PI), Estabrooks CA

Funder: AHFMR - RTNA Grant

Grant Amount: $9,976

Description: In recent years, evidence-based practice and knowledge translation (KT) have received increased attention. Despite evidence-based practice becoming more accepted in medicine, nursing, public health, community, policy and organizational research, healthcare policy and decision-makers, who by the design of their roles have considerable influence on their organizations, are frequently cited for not using research evidence in decision-making processes. This has led to numerous calls for healthcare decision-makers to take on an evidence-based approach in their practice.

Objectives: The purpose of this research is to examine and analyse knowledge translation efforts of healthcare decision-makers in their decision-making about healthcare work environments. The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Examine how healthcare decision-makers at different levels in the organization perceive and understand KT initiatives; and
  2. Explore decision-making contexts, decision making processes and their participants, and the perceived influence of research findings on decision-making, implementation and evaluation.