Leadership Research in Nursing and Health

AHFMR Research Program Establishment Grant

Start/End Dates: 2006 - 2010

Investigators: Cummings GG (PI)

Funder: AHFMR

Grant Amount: $253,000

Description: This start up grant supported the establishement of Cummings CLEAR Outcomes research program, which has the following objectives:

  1. Investigate new and existing theoretical conceptualizations of leadership and develop a comprehensive taxonomy of current leadership measures used in the many academic disciplines interested in leadership, including healthcare.
  2. Investigate the evidence for specific organizational and individual interventions to develop healthcare leadership in individuals and organizations.
  3. Investigate how (the mechanisms by which) specific leadership styles and practices influence the healthcare workplace environment, and healthcare provider and patient/client health outcomes.
  4. Examine the processes by which senior healthcare leaders implement policy and evidence-based decision-making, and thereby investigate how leadership facilitates or inhibits health practitioners, particularly nurses, in achieving evidence based practice and optimum patient outcomes.
  5. Analyze the impact of leadership on health system, nursing and patient outcomes.



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