Nursing Leadership 30-Day Mortality

The Impact of Nursing Leadership on 30-day Patient Mortality in Alberta Hospitals

Start/End Dates: 2004 - 2005

Investigators: Cummings GG (PI)

Funder: University of Alberta, EFF Small Faculties Research Grant Program

Grant Amount: $2,500

Description: Recent interest in examining the predictors of patient mortality in hospitals has shown that characteristics of patients and hospitals, and professional factors such as nurse and physician staffing influence mortality rates. However, little research has examined the influence of hospital nursing leadership on patient mortality despite recent evidence that leadership practices influence outcomes for healthcare providers and patients.

Objectives: This study examines the contribution of emotionally intelligent nursing leadership in acute care hospitals to 30-day patient mortality.

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Cummings GG, Midodzi W, Wong CA, Estabrooks CA. (2009). A mulitlevel analysis of the impact of hospital nursing leadership styles on 30-day mortality. Technical Report. University of Alberta Small Faculties Grant Program.