QWEST Symposium

Quality Work Environment Study (QWEST) Symposium

Start/End Dates: 2010

Investigators: Cummings GG (PI), Spiers J

Funder: CIHR-KT Meeting, Planning, Dissemination Grant

Grant Amount: $15,000

Description: To engage provincial decision makers, policy developers, nurse managers and nursing staff with the Quality Work Environment Study (QWEST) research team, expert collaborators and advisory committee in a one-day invitational symposium on improving their nursing workplaces for both better quality worklife and improved patient outcomes. The foundation for the QWEST symposium was not only to create new knowledge, but also to translate that new knowledge into action through collaboration with members in the healthcare community.


Dr. Greta Cummings - QWEST_Slide_Handout

Dr. Jude Spiers - QWEST_Symposium_qualitative_analysis_summary

Dr. Ian Gellatly - IanGellatlyCommitmentAbsence

Dr. Michael Leiter - Leiter_CREW_Presentation-QWEST

Dr. Carol Wong - Carol_Wong_-_Leadership_Practices

Debbie Barnard - Barnard_QWEST_Patient_Safety

Dr. Sheli Murphy - Sheli_Murphy-Organizational_Opportunities

Dr. Heather Laschinger - 2010_Laschinger_QWEST_Empowerment_and_Leadership


Final Report: