The Black Youth Mentorship Program is an interdisciplinary program aimed at preparing Black youths to succeed both in university and in the world of work.  Students in all disciplines are welcome to join the program. Students in the mentorship program will gain professional practice or research experience with a Black professional or Faculty member, attend workshops, and engage in group activities. Between July 5 to August 13, 2021, students will attend the mentorship program full time. Students will spend 3 days a week engaged in individual mentorship with a professional and/or graduate student and gain practical experience.  Students will also engage in a group mentorship experience one day a week with a senior undergraduate or graduate student while also completing a group project. Students will spend one day a week engaging in workshops.

To further improve outcomes, students will attend mentorship-related activities once a month (around 3 hours a month) on weekends from September to December 2021. Students will earn a stipend of $700 or full-time salary (pending funding availability) during the summer program, receive a small honorarium during the fall program, receive a certificate of completion and there may be an opportunity to earn a high school credit if desired. 

The program will include workshops and content on:

  • Conducting literature searches and literature reviews
  • Writing scholarly papers
  • Financing your university education
  • Planning a career
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Promoting your mental health
  • Fostering a positive Black identity and tackling racism
  • Succeeding as a Black youth

Professional and research experience will include activities in various disciplines such as arts, nursing, medicine, science, business, engineering, social science, and law. They will meet role models including faculty, students, and working professionals and discover diverse career paths.