Research Unit Affiliates

Christine CeciDr. Christine Ceci

  • Social organization of health work
  • Social, political and cultural interests that organize home care for people who are older and frail

Alex ClarkDr. Alex Clark

  • Cardiac care
  • Self-management
  • Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease
  • Realist-driven evaluation of complex interventions

Greta CummingsDr. Greta Cummings

  • Leadership science in health services
  • Improving care during healthcare transitions
  • Management policy and other aspects of healthcare delivery that influence organizational, health care provider and patient outcomes

Sherry DahlkeDr. Sherry Dahlke

  • Nursing practice with hospitalized older adults
  • Influencing positive outcomes for older adults with cognitive challenges
  • Perspectives of older adults and their families on their healthcare experiences

Sandra DavidsonDr. Sandra Davidson

  • Leadership for innovation in healthcare
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Relational healthcare
  • Complexity science in human systems

Wendy DugglebyDr. Wendy Duggleby

  • Quality of life for older adults and their families
  • Hope studies of persons with advanced cancer and dementia, family caregivers and healthcare providers
  • Transitions studies of family caregivers of persons with advanced cancer and dementia

Carole EstabrooksDr. Carole Estabrooks

  • Knowledge translation
  • Improving safety and quality of care in nursing homes
  • Effects of organizational context on knowledge translation and on resident, provider and system outcomes in residential long-term care

Dorothy ForbesDr. Dorothy Forbes

  • Supporting persons with dementia and their care partners in rural and urban Canada
  • Cochrane Reviews on interventions that manage the symptoms of dementia
  • Influence of gender on social support in home care

Kim FraserDr. Kim Fraser

  • Home care
  • Case management
  • Knowledge translation for improved decision-making
  • Resource allocation
  • Decision making

Kathleen HunterDr. Kathleen Hunter

  • Lower urinary track symptoms/bladder dysfunction in older adults
  • Falls
  • Hospitalization/acute care of older adults
  • Community-hospital transitions and the effects on geriatric syndromes

Gail LowDr. Gail Low

  • Quality of Life
  • COPD
  • Well-being
  • Measurement and structural modeling

Anita MolzahnDr. Anita Molzahn

  • Quality of life in older adults
  • Quality of life in chronic illness
  • Quality of life in older adults across cultures

Belinda ParkeDr. Belinda Parke

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist - older adult health
  • Health care transitions, dementia and geriatric syndromes in acute care nursing
  • Elderly friendly hospital dimensions: clinical systems and processes, physical design

Susan SlaughterDr. Susan Slaughter

  • Functional outcomes of frail older adults
  • Therapeutic use of environments in long-term care
  • Mobility of persons with dementia
  • Knowledge translation interventions to improve the care of older adults

Donna WilsonDr. Donna Wilson

  • Health policy and policy development
  • Nursing death education
  • Rural aging
  • Bereavement needs and services
  • Home care trends and developments
  • ALC and hospital waiting placement issues