Strategic Plan

A strategic plan has been developed to articulate and help achieve the goals of the Innovations in Seniors' Care Research Unit for the 5-year period of 2015-2020. Through a broad consultation process, we identified the priorities and activities to meet these goals. An evaluation plan has also been developed to accompany the strategic plan, and will be reviewed annually by the Nursing Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life Advisory Committee.

The University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing is the first school outside of the United States to become a membership institute of the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE), which is considered to be the gold standard in gerontological nursing. The mission of the NHCGNE is to enhance and sustain the capacity and competency of nurses to provide quality care to older adults through faculty development; advancing gerontological nursing science, facilitating adoption of best practices, fostering leadership and designing and shaping policy. Only schools of nursing that have demonstrated a commitment to the field of gerontological nursing, and share a vision of optimal health and quality of life for older adults, are invited to apply for membership. NHCGNE members must have both current experience and future potential to build the next generation of gerontological nurses and manifest leadership that transcends their own institution.

The mission of the NHCGNE is congruent with the goal of the already established Faculty of Nursing Endowed Research Chair of Aging and Quality of Life. This is to enhance the quality of life of older adults and their families through the development of nursing knowledge. The focus of this research chair has been on conducting research to develop nursing knowledge and building research capacity for nurse researchers with a focus on aging. Becoming a member institute of the NHCGNE provides additional opportunities to build research capacity and impact the health of seniors in Canada.

The Faculty of Nursing University of Alberta was awarded membership in the NHCGNE in February, 2014. However, without a strategic plan in place, it has been difficult to communicate and take advantage of the resources available to faculty and students through the NHCGNE. As well, to be an active member institute, it is important to be involved with the activities associated with membership and to work with other member institutes to develop strategic networks for the Faculty of Nursing University of Alberta students and faculty.

5-year Strategic Plan