Knowledge Utilization Studies Program


KUSP research is built on a foundation of examining the determinants and processes of using research knowledge in several health care settings including acute care, pediatric care, homecare and long-term care. Currently the research focuses primarily on Translating Research in Elder Care (TREC). The overarching purpose in the TREC program is to develop solutions for improving the quality of care provided to nursing home residents, for enriching the work life of their caregivers, and for enhancing system efficiencies and effectiveness. We believe that measurable differences can be made with a “translation of knowledge to action” approach.


Alberta Context Tool and related projects


This diagram situates our research projects within the context of our broader focus. It specifically illustrates a number of our active, affiliated, and completed research projects in the acute care, long term care, and home care sectors. It also indicates which projects have been informed by the development of the Alberta Context Tool (ACT). For more information on a specific research project, please click through the left-hand menu.