The following academics are or have been involved with Dr. Estabrooks in a variety of research programs.

Faculty of Nursing Health Systems Area of Excellence

Area of Excellence

The Faculty of Nursing at the U of A is organized into 4 Areas of Excellence: Chronicity, Health Equity, Health Systems and Nursing Education. Dr. Estabrooks and colleagues front row l-r: Dr. Shannon Scott, Dr. Greta Cummings, Dr. Carole Estabrooks, Bailey Sousa (Project Coordinator, NRO) back row l-r: Dr. Susan Slaughter, Dr. Joanne Profetto-McGrath and Dr. Kimberly Fraser are members of the Health Systems AoE. The primary focus is the development of knowledge to guide evidence-based practice and evidence-informed decision-and policy making across health care sectors.

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Associates at the University of Alberta

Greta Cummings

Leslie Hayduk

Chuck Humphrey

Joanne Profetto-McGrath

Susan Slaughter

Adrian Wagg

Associates from other Institutions

Jayna Holrody-Leduc

Tracey Bucknall

Lisa Cranley

Harley Dickinson

Sue Dopson

Diane Doran

Jeremy Grimshaw

Deb Kenny

Alison Kitson

Jennifer Knopp-Sihota

Heather Laschinger

France Légaré

Michael Leiter

Colleen Maxwell

Kathy McGilton

Verena Menec

Debra Morgan

Peter Norton

Linda O'Brien-Pallas

Dot Pringle

Jo Rycroft-Malone

Kate Seers

Malcolm C. Smith

Bonnie Stevens

Norma Stewart

Gary Teare

Lars Wallin

Jack Williams