Postdoctoral Fellows

Applications are currently being considered for individuals with strong PhD training in one of the health or related disciplines including some training in quantitative methods and analyses, and an interest in health services research/aging, residential care for the elderly, knowledge translation and/or improvement science. Interested individuals should submit an electronic letter describing their training goals and the potential fit to Dr Carole Estabrooks

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Yuting Song

Dr. Yuting Song is a Postdoctoral Fellow at KUSP working with the Safer Care for Older People (in residential) Environments (SCOPE) intervention. She completed her PhD in August 2017 and started the postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Carole Estabrooks in September 2017. She holds a PhD in Nursing from Duke University and a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Shandong University (China). The focus of her research is improving the quality of care in long term care settings. Her doctoral work focused on understanding residents' care needs related to pain and functional limitations and how the care environment supports or fails to support residents' care needs. She has developed strong expertise in conducting mixed-method research during her doctoral work. In line with her research interest, she aims to develop quality-improvement interventions that integrate both residents, family members, and formal caregivers in providing high-quality care for long-term care residents



Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Adam Easterbrook (2018)

Matthias Hoben (2018)

Maryam Nesari (2017)

Thomas Lo (2017)

Amanda Beacom (2017)

Jennifer Knopp-Sihota (2016)

Elizabeth Dogherty (2015)

Sienna Caspar (2015)

Natalia Ricci (2015)

Lisa Cranley (2012)

Anne-Marie Boström (2010)

Anastasia Mallidou (2010)

Susan Slaughter (2010)

Alison Hutchinson (2009)

Elizabeth Quinlan, (co-supervisor; 2008)

Anne Hofmeyer, 2007

Mandi Newton (2007)

Susan Jack (co-supervisor; 2006)

Catherine Scott (co-supervisor), 2006

Lars Wallin (2005)

Joanne Profetto-McGrath (2004)