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The Unit for Philosophical Nursing Research (uPNR)

The unit for Philosophical Nursing Research (uPNR) exists to promote a careful and thoughtful approach to issues of relevance to nursing practice, education, and research.

13th Philosophy in the Nurse's World Conference & 23rd International Philosophy of Nursing Conference

August 18, 19 & 20, 2019

Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria BC

Conference Theme:  Thinking about Ideas in Nursing

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This exciting conference will appeal to anyone with a philosophical interest in the ideas that underpin nursing and/or other health care practices.

We now invite abstracts addressing any aspect of the relationship between nursing and philosophy. Abstracts addressing the specific theme of Thinking about Ideas in Nursing are particularly welcomed.

Who We Are

Director of uPNR: Dr. Derek Sellman, RN, PhD  

 Advisory Board Members:
 Jack Zupko
 Department of Philosophy
 University of Alberta
 Alex Clark  Faculty of Nursing
 University of Alberta
 Sarah Stalkhe
 Faculty of Nursing
 University of Alberta
 Anna Santos Salas
 Faculty of Nursing

 University of Alberta

 Barb Pesut
 School of Nursing
 UBC Okanagan
 Joan Liaschenko
 School of Nursing 
 University of Minnesota