Health Research Data Repository (HRDR)

Based within the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, the Health Research Data Repository (HRDR) is a secure and confidential virtual research environment (VRE) created to support health related research projects, to support collaboration across research disciplines, to house health research data and meta-data throughout their life-cycle, and to promote the secondary use and re-purposing of health research data.

Researchers and their teams are able to securely access their projects at any time within the HRDR's virtual research environment via remote desktops and applications which are loaded with standard analytic and other types of software.

The mission of the HRDR is to stimulate both qualitative and quantitative health related research while building a collaborative culture of respect relating to data management and confidentiality. The HRDR also has a mandate to promote and offer educational opportunities regarding research data management best practices.

The HRDR provides:

· Asecure and confidential environment for housing and managing sensitive research data, allowing research teams to safely and securely work with data across the lifecycle of their projects while meeting security requirements imposed by grant funding agencies, institutions, and data stewards

· Secure remote access to your research allowing for research teams to securely access their data at any time and from anywhere. Research collaboration is promoted through these remote access components as they allow geographically distant researchers, and those with specialized knowledge and/or skillsets to collaborate securely and safely

· Access to a regular suite of analytic software, including SPSS, SAS, Nvivo, MPlus, Stata, MSOffice, (including Excel and Access), 'R' & R Studio, Notepad++.and StatTransfer, and Windows Media Player. Additional software packages are assessed and implemented on a case by case basis

· Data management guidancefor research teams on topics that include, but are not limited to, folder and file structures, naming conventions, file versioning, data quality assurance and processing, and data/metadata capture and retention


· Educational opportunitiesin the form of presentations and workshops to its users relating to key topics in the area of research data management best practices in an effort to help build a sustainable culture of respect relating to sound research data management

For more information and to view the HRDR 2-Page Summary, click HERE.

For further information regarding the HRDR and the essential resources that it provides please contact:

Dawn MacRitchie, Faculty General Manager
3-116 ECHA
Ph: (780) 248-1973