Data Sharing

Data management and Data Sharing

University of Alberta researchers are responsible for good stewardship of research records, as outlined in the University of Alberta Research Records Stewardship Guidance Procedure. The importance of data management and stewardship was also highlighted earlier this year with the release of the Tri-agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management.

Resources provided by the University of Alberta libraries for data management and data sharing include the following supports:

DMP Assistant

DMP Assistant is a bilingual web-based tool that walks you through the steps of preparing a Data Management Plan. DMP Assistant is a product of Portage, a library based research data management network.

Portage has recently released a white paper on data sharing in Canada. To know more, please click here.


Dataverse ( is an open source searcheable/shareable database of datasets with the goal of preserving and making datasets available to the public. The researcher has control of the dataset (with dataset meaning both your data files and metadata), and the researcher determines how much and when you share your data. Each dataset is given a citation and a persistent identifier (DOI) which makes finding and sharing easier.

Dataverse started at the Institute for Quantitative Science at Harvard University and is a shared collaborative database of datasets. The University of Alberta hosts a dataverse repository, through the U of A libraries and is what the library is recommending for sharing of most datasets. To see the U of A dataverse repository go to

There are some conditions in which Dataverse is not suitable, or where only parts of your data can be shared such as identifiable information related to human subjects. To see more about sharing conditions, or other repositories go to

For further information on Research Data Management services and resources available through the University of Alberta libraries, see their website at or contact