Supports and Services

Specialized Library Services

Specialized Library Services

Services include the following:

  • Librarian systematic review support with/without co-authorship
  • Customized mediated literature searches
  • Publishing support in the form of providing customized reports on appropriate journals in which to publish, background information about journals (e.g. Journal Impact Factors), finding appropriate OA journals.
    • Simple requests for suggestions of journals without added background info would not require payment of a fee. Such suggestions would be based on which non-predatory journals frequently publish articles on the manuscript topic.
    • Approaches for identifying appropriate journals are available on this resource guide for those wishing to do this on their own.

Fees for Systematic Review Support and Research Impact Analysis will be determined upon receipt of service request. Rates for all other fee-for-service research support are $100/hour and $500/day. To inquire about specialized services, please email Connie Winther |

For information about core (no fee) library services and access to Nursing information resources, visit the Nursing Resource Guide.