Obstetrics & Gynecology

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine division is comprised of eight members who provide consultation services for high-risk pregnancies in Central and Northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Northeastern British Columbia, and Western Saskatchewan. The Northern and Central Alberta Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit is based at the Lois Hole Hospital in Edmonton.

Our care model is highly collaborative, working closely with our colleagues in Obstetrics, Neonatology, Pediatric Surgical Specialities, Perdiatric Cardiology and Obstetric Medicine. On the academic side, our members hold or have held significant portfolios in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education as well as leadership roles both in the department and in the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Edmonton zone. 

Division members also make substantial contributions to Continuing Medical Education for the Edmonton obstetrical community as well as active participation at the RCPSC and National Specialty Society (SOGC) level. Division members are active in several research initiatives including participation in clinical trials, health outcomes  and population health research, and basic science research in the reproductive sciences field. 

For more information about this division's activities, please visit the Maternal-Fetal Medicine research page.


Faculty members in this division include:

Dr. Sue Chandra (Division Director)
Dr. Radha Chari 
Dr. Christy-Lynn Cooke
Dr. Venu Jain
Dr. Kentia Naud
Dr. Roger Turnell (Professor Emeritus) 
Dr. Trina Stryker
Dr. Carmen Young

Clinical Programs & Initiatives

  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) Centre: This centre provides tertiary consultation services including preconception counselling, prenatal screening, fetal diagnosis and therapies, as well as consultation and management for at-risk and complicated pregnancies. During the 2009 fiscal year, the MFM Centre had 22,251 total patient encounters, including inpatients and outpatients.  

  • Stollery Children's Hospital & RAH collaboration: In 2004 a collaborative clinical program was launched in partnership with obstetrics & gynecology at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) and pediatric subspecialty programs based at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. This multidisciplinary project involves a team approach to comprehensive counselling, diagnosis and management for patients and families, where prenatal diagnosis has identified fetal abnormalities requiring prenatal surveillance and specialized prenatal and postnatal management. The program continues to grow as new technologies and treatment options develop.  

  • Expansion of Referral Centre for Complex Fetal Cardiac Diseases: In 2008, the Stollery-based Fetal Cardiology Program relocated to the Royal Alexandra Hospital site to be in close proximity to the MFM Program. The move facilitated patient assessment and team consultation, diagnoses, management and research. This collaborative program has become a Western Canadian referral centre for complex fetal cardiac diseases. Current plans are now also underway with our colleagues in obstetric medicine and adult cardiology  to develop a centre of excellence in maternal heart health. It will be located at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and the CK Hui Heart Centre for Cardiac Services. Both of these facilities are located in the Robbins Pavilion at the Royal Alexandra Hospital site.  

  • First Trimester Screening Program: This program was established in 2008. It involves the MFM Division, Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, Clinical Laboratory and Medical Genetics in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry; and the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Women’s Health Program. On-site genetic counsellors have now joined the MFM Centre. They offer genetic counselling services for all aspects of prenatal screening and diagnosis.  

  • Fetal Fibronectin Testing: In 2007, the MFM Division led the incorporation of fetal fibronectin testing in the management of preterm labour. This involved all four main Edmonton hospital sites, including: the Royal Alexandra, Grey Nuns, Misericordia and the Sturgeon.  

The expansion of clinical services and establishing new initiatives to advance clinical care have been made possible with the ongoing support of the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Alberta Health Services.   

Educational Contributions 


The clinical MFM Division and the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Centre are involved in the undergraduate and postgraduate education of learners from the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and the faculty’s residency training programs for obstetrics & gynecology, NICU, and diagnostic imaging. The MFM Division is also involved in training sonography students from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Additionally, the clinical division welcomes elective students and residents from other medical school programs across Canada, whenever feasible.

An additional and significant educational initiative includes weekly Perinatal Rounds on Tuesday mornings. These provide an opportunity for health centres in Edmonton and across Alberta and Saskatchewan to access educational reviews and updates via telehealth technologies. This initiative began in 2005.