Dr Schulz Publications

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Urogynaecology Committee: Danny Lovatsis, MD, (Chair), Toronto, ON; Jens-Erik Walter, MD (Co-Chair), Montréal, QC; William Easton, MD, Scarborough, ON; Annette Epp, MD, Saskatoon, SK; Scott Farrell, MD, Halifax, NS; Lise Girouard, RN, Winnipeg, MB; Chander Gupta, MD, Winnipeg, MB; Marie-Andrée Harvey, MD, Kingston, ON; Annick Larochelle, MD, St-Lambert, QC; Magali Robert, MD, Calgary, AB; Sue Ross, PhD, Calgary, AB; Joyce Schachter, MD, Ottawa, ON; Jane Schulz, MD, Edmonton, AB; David Wilkie, MD, Vancouver, BC. Guidelines for the Evaluation and Treatment of Recurrent Urinary Incontinence Following Pelvic Floor Surgery. Disclosure statements have been received from all members of the committee. The literature searches and bibliographic support for this guideline were undertaken by Becky Skidmore, Medical Research Analyst, The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. No. 248, September 2017 (Replaces No. 74, July 1998)

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