Student FAQs

  • How many placements and hours do I have to do to graduate?

    5 placements full time over the 2 year program, totaling 1000+ hours.

    Year 1: Fall - 4 Weeks
    Spring - 6 Weeks

    Year 2: Fall - 6 Weeks
    Winter - 6 Weeks
    Summer -6 Weeks

  • What type of placements do I need to do to graduate?

    The following 4 are required:

    1. Physical Health (minimum of 150 hours/4 weeks)

    2. Mental Health (minimum of 150 hours/4 weeks)

    Working with individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis (acute, chronic, or in recovery remission) that fall within DSM IV, Axis I and II with the exclusion of "Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence". Acquired brain injury, development delays, mental retardation and autism are not considered appropriate experiences for the mental health placement.

    3. Community (minimum of 150 hours/4 weeks)

    4. Rural (minimum of 150 hours/4 weeks)

    A rural site is defined as a site located in a non-urban centre. The site cannot be in an urban centre such as Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon or Regina. The population of the city/town must not exceed 100,000. The city/town must be a minimum of 50km from an urban centre. It cannot be a suburb of an urban centre.

  • Can I request to stay in Edmonton/Calgary?

    No. Only the following individuals can request to stay in a specific city:

    • Parents
    • Those who are ill (doctor’s letter required)
    • Those who are the primary care-giver for someone who is ill

    You need to inform the ACCE of your situation.

  • Do I get paid for Fieldwork?

    No. In fact fieldwork is a course that must be paid for just like all other courses. You will be responsible for covering all costs related to fieldwork including transportation, professional clothing etc.

  • What happens if I don’t have my CPR or medical forms handed in on time, or if I am not registered for the Fieldwork Course?

    You will not receive a placement.

  • Do I get a grade for the Fieldwork Courses?

    You will not receive a letter or number grade. The ONLY MARKS officially given are: Pass (Credit), Pass with Reservation (Credit), Withdrawal or Fail (Non Credit) . Please refer to the OT Fieldwork Handbook.

  • Can I contact an OT myself and ask them to supervise me?

    No. If you are interested in a placement first check to ensure the site is NOT already listed with the University of Alberta Placement Database. If it is NOT listed with the University of Alberta (and is in Alberta, Saskatchewan, NWT), then you can write a letter requesting the site to contact the ACCE. You must also provide the ACCE with a copy of this letter. You must NOT phone the site or speak directly with the OT. You must NOT contact a site outside of Alberta, Saskatchewan or NWT. Please note that if more than one student contacts this site or expresses an interest in this site the placement will be "lotteried" to ensure fairness to all students.

  • Do our placement choices go into the computer based on our last names (i.e., alphabetically)?

    No. This process is completely random.

  • Where can I go for a placement? Can I go anywhere in Canada?

    U of A students get priority over placement sites (catchment area) in Alberta and the NWT. Saskatchewan is shared with the U of Manitoba. You can go anywhere in Canada outside of these areas, but you will need to apply through the National Fieldwork Placement Service. (Currently a $150 dollar fee per placement is charged.)

  • How do I know when the other Universities are on placement?

    You can check their Web site or University Calendar to confirm when they are on placement. There is no consistent fieldwork schedule across Canada. NFPS also posts this information on their website.

  • Can I do a placement outside of Canada?

    Yes. Please refer to "Organizing an International Placement".

  • Can I stay in Edmonton for my placement?

    No. We can only guarantee each student one placement in Edmonton out of 5. Only the following individuals will be given preference for staying in Edmonton (or other chosen location):

    • parents
    • those who are ill (doctor's letter required)
    • those who are the primary caregiver for someone who is ill
  • Can I trade my placement?

    Yes. You are able to trade your placement with another student as long as this is done prior to the deadline dates set. Both students will need to see the ACCE to confirm this change.

  • Can I fail a fieldwork placement and what happens next?

    Yes. A student who has been assigned a grade of "W" or "NC" in a placement is entitled to a second registration in this course, subject to satisfactory completion of such remedial work as may be assigned by the Faculty. A student who receives a "W" or "NC" in a fieldwork placement must repeat the course in a similar setting and type of service. If a student receives a "W" or "NC" in the second attempt of a practicum placement, the student is required to withdraw from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

  • Is there any funding available to cover my costs when I am on placement (i.e., transportation, rent etc).

    No. You are responsible for covering all costs related to fieldwork regardless of where your placement occurs (see University Calendar). However, many sites will assist with locating economical accommodation and occasionally some rural sites offer funding. Students matched to Northern Alberta locations may wish to visit the Northern Alberta Development Council website.

  • Why do we have to pay for fieldwork when the OTs that supervise us don't get paid? Where does all the money go?

    All students across campus in the Health Science (i.e., nursing, dentistry, etc.) pay for fieldwork. These are courses that you must register in, pay tuition fees, and in turn will receive a grade on your transcript. The funds contribute towards the general University and OT department revenue.

  • What Level am I?

    Year 1: OCCTH 524 - Fall - Level 1
    Year 1: OCCTH 525 - Spring - Level 2
    Year 2: OCCTH 526 - Fall - Level 2
    Year 2: OCCTH 527 - Winter - Level 3
    Year 2: OCCTH 528 - Summer Level 3