Course Descriptions

Core Courses

OCCTH 501 Theory & Practice of Enabling Occupation (3 credits) Conceptual models and theoretical approaches applied to occupational therapy practice.  

OCCTH 562 Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy (3 credits) Practice in critically evaluating occupational therapy and related literature.   

OCCTH 563  Research Design and Knowledge Translation (3 credits)  Examination of:  (a) research methodology and design as they (i) apply to the development of a research proposal and (ii) as they affect published findings in the literature; and (b) consideration of how knowledge is translated into occupational therapy practice.

OCCTH 564 Evaluation of Occupational Therapy Services (3 credits)  The integration of social research procedures with occupational therapy models for evaluating the processes, structures and outcomes of programs and services to which occupational therapists contribute.  

OCCTH 900 Directed Final Project (6 credits) The synthesis of academic knowledge with clinical experiences and directed to the exploration of a specific topic, relevant to occupational therapy. Students will demonstrate inquiry, reflection and critical thinking through required participation in seminars, a written report and a conference-style presentation.


Elective Courses

OCCTH 543 Student Selected Modules (1 credit)  Topics are taught, explored as well as “hands-on” experience given in these intensive courses that delve “beyond the basics”.  Module topics vary depending on course instructor expertise and availability.  Modules are offered to up to 20 students at a time at different times of the year.

OCCTH 599 Individual Study (3 credits) Designed to allow a student to pursue a topic of interest in more depth than permitted by existing courses.  Departmental approval of a plan of study is necessary.