Occupational Therapy

Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

To be eligible to apply to the Masters of Occupational Therapy course based program all applicants must meet the following academic requirements.

  • Completion of a four-year undergraduate degree or its academic equivalent in any discipline from an academic institution recognized by the University of Alberta (BA, BSc, BCom, BEd, BPE, BFA, etc.). The degree requirements must be completed and grades appear on a transcript by June 30th of the admission year.   Note: Diploma and/or certificate programs are not accepted and courses are not included in GPA calculations.
  • Minimum GPA for any graduate program at the University of Alberta is 3.0 on the 4-point scale (75%, or grade of B) on the most recent 60 credits (20 courses) of study, including Spring/Summer terms, exchange programs, etc...   However, admission to our program is extremely competitiveApplicants should present at least a 3.4 GPA (78%, B+) average on the most recent 60 credits (20 courses) of coursework to be considered for admission.
  • Completion/Pass of two prerequisite courses by June 30th of the admission year

          (Prerequisite courses that are older than 10 years at the date of application will NOT be accepted)

  • Statistics (3 credits or one term) As a minimum, the course needs to cover quantitative data collection, descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling distributions and the central limit theorem, interval estimation and hypothesis testing, and introduce types of analyses such as correlations and regression analysis, goodness of fit, contingency tables, analyses of variance. An 'Intro Stats' or other general quantitative stats course that covers the topics above may fulfill this requirement.  Other courses that fulfill the requirement are found here. 
  • Human Anatomy (Min. 3 credits or one term) As a minimum, the course needs to cover the gross and microscopic anatomy of the tissues, organs and organ systems of the entire human body, with emphasis on the relationships, interactions and functions of major structures.  Most "Intro to Human Anat" courses fulfill this requirementPhysiology courses do not fulfill the requirement.  A list of approved human anatomy courses for OT applications is found here.

*If the prerequisite course(s) that you have taken do not appear on these lists they must be approved by the department before the application deadline (This applies to international and domestic applicants). To have a course approved send the course name/number, institution name and course outline/syllabus tmscot@ualberta.ca

*Note: Course outlines/syllabus must be submitted, calendar descriptions of courses are NOT accepted.

The department of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta offers both an online Anatomy course and an online Statistics course that meet the OT department's prerequisite requirements. Click here for details

Note: students may apply to the program without having completed one or both of the prerequisite courses.  However, applicants must upload a transcript into their application before the January 31st deadline showing that they are enrolled in a approved course(s).  Applicants will then have until June 30th to email a official copy of the transcript(s) to mscot@ualberta.ca showing that they have successfully completed the course(s).  If applicants do not email official transcripts to the department by the June 30th deadline their application will be considered incomplete and not reviewed for admission.