Occupational Therapy

Application Process

The application system is now closed for Fall 2019 admissions.  The application system will re-open for Fall 2020 admissions on November 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020.

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Applications are accepted once a year opening November 1st. The deadline to complete an application, pay the $100 application fee, and attach all supporting documents to your application is 11:59p.m. (MST) January 31.  This is a firm deadline with no exceptions. 

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all supporting documents (including reference letters) are uploaded to the online application by this deadline.  Applications missing any documents will not be considered for admission.

Once an applicant initiates the application for the OT Master of Science Course Based program in the Application Portal (AP), they will have 21 days to submit and pay for the application. If the applicant does not meet this deadline their application will be deleted and they will have to start again.
Once an application is submitted and paid for, applicants and referees may continue to upload any outstanding documents until 11:59 p.m. MST on the January 31st application/document deadline. This includes transcripts, CV/Resume, Letter of Intent, Department Checklist, and Reference Forms.  After that deadline, the portal will close and any incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

It is very important to review the 'Application Requirements' for details that are required to apply to our program.

Application Document Information:

1.A Department Checklist form is provided in the online application under the header Documents.  This form provides in-depth information to help applicants complete the online application. All applicants are highly encouraged to download and read this form as soon as they create a online application.   Applicants are required to complete this form and upload it into their online application.  Applications that are missing this form will be considered incomplete and not considered for admission.  

2. Reference Forms:  Two letters of recommendation.  The referees must use the reference form that is emailed to them from the online application ONLY once the application opens in November.  No mailed-in forms or letters are accepted.  One referee must be a from an academic source (university/college professor) and the second from a professional (work supervisor, volunteer coordinator, mentor, coach, etc.).  Family friends, parents, acquaintances, etc. are not suitable.  If you have been out of school for several years and you absolutely cannot locate an academic reference, indicate this in your Letter of Intent and the reasons for choosing the two referees who will be submitting their recommendations.  A email with a link to the reference form will only be sent to referees once the applicant has submitted and paid for their application.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor their application to ensure that both referees have uploaded their completed form back into their online application by the January 31st deadline.  Applications that are missing reference letters will not be considered for admission.

3. CASPer Test.  CASPer Testing is external to the University of Alberta, and test results are sent directly to the department from the CASPer agency.  Applicants with incomplete, or missing CASPer scores will not be considered for admission. Specific CASPer testing dates are listed on their website: https://takecasper.com/.    Any questions about CASPer must be directed to the agency. NOTE: The last date available to write the CASPer exam for Fall 2020 admissions is January 26th, 2020.  For CASPer information including how to book your exam please see their website directly.

4. CV/Resume:  Own personal CV or resume

5. Letter of Intent:  A link is provided in the online application system to the Graduate-Application Review System (GARS) webpage where applicants must complete their Letter of Intent. All applicants must create an account on the GARS webpage to gain access. Applicants must sign the release of information declaration and complete the pre-set questions (each question has a character maximum of 1800). These questions are designed to describe your knowledge of occupational therapy and how your background (academic, professional, or personal) has prepared you for the OT program and ultimately the OT profession. If you have had academic struggles in the past or any other issues involving your academic history/transcript, you may include this information in the last question. The more information we have about an applicant, the better.  Once the form is completed, the applicant creates a pdf and uploads the form to the 'Letter of Intent' section of the online application.  Detailed instructions on how to access and complete the Letter of Intent on the GARS system can be found in the Department Checklist PDF, which is provided in the application under the header Documents. For any technical assistance, or inquiries with GARS, please email: support@gars.ualberta.ca

6. Transcripts:  Applicants are required to list each institution under the education section of their application, then scan and upload one transcript (front and back page) from each university, college, technical school, etc. ever attended or are currently attending.  You need to request an official transcript from all universities/colleges ever attended in any capacity and either have the transcript sent to you for you to scan and upload to your application or request the university to upload the transcript (if they provide that service).  Please refer to the 'Application Requirements' page for the details of when transcripts should be ordered so that the appropriate courses/grades appear on the transcript.  This is particularly important for applicants who are in their final year of an undergraduate degree or are in the process of completing a course prerequisite(s).  Transcripts marked 'Issued To Student' are acceptable to upload to your application.

***Applicants are highly encouraged to read the "Application Requirements for Academic Documents" found HERE.

7.  Funding/Supervisors:  Leave this section of the application blank.  Funding information/supervisor is not required for admission to our program - there is no funding available for students in our program.

If you or your referee experience problems or have questions about the online application process or uploading documents, please contact  grad.webadm@ualberta.ca

Note:  Test of English Language is only required from applicants who received an undergraduate degree from a country outside of N. America - refer to 'Application Requirements' for details.

Note:  A pdf of a degree certificate is not required if the degree you received is noted on your transcript.  This applies to most N. American Universities/Colleges.