Experimental Oncology

This Division performs laboratory-based research concerned with the basic mechanisms of cancer and the clinical

applications of basic cancer research.

Twelve of our principal investigators, along with six associated members, work within the Cross Cancer Institute, and an additional four, along with three associated members are located in the Katz building on the main campus of the University of Alberta.

Academic Staff supervise graduate students and medical residents, and teach in the undergraduate M.D. program, in graduate level courses in Oncology, and in graduate and undergraduate courses in related disciplines (Immunology, Biochemistry, Physics, Experimental Hematology). There are currently 37 graduate students and 12 post-doctoral fellows in Experimental Oncology. More information about the Cancer Sciences graduate program is available here.

Our principal investigators perform research in molecular oncology, cellular oncology, radiobiology, chemotherapy and imaging. Their work involves a variety of academic disciplines, including cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, immunology, and pharmacology.