Radiation Oncology

The Division of Radiation Oncology has existed since the inception of the Department of Oncology within the University of Alberta. In addition there has been a clinical department of radiation oncology within the Cross Cancer Institute since the Institute was created. Formerly operated by the Alberta Cancer Board, it is now operated by Alberta Health Services - Cancer Care and all faculty members are affiliated with the University of Alberta. Our facility is the only comprehensive cancer treatment and research facility in Alberta north of Calgary. Medical staff of the Division performed 4500 new patient consultations in 2017. There are 23 Radiation Oncologists comprising approximately 21 FTEs working closely with specialists in the Experimental Oncology, Medical Oncology, Pathology, Surgical Oncology, Oncologic Imaging and Gynecological Oncology disciplines.

Equipment within the clinical department includes nine clinical linear accelerators and Gamma Knife (Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™). There is pulsed dose rate and high dose rate brachytherapy, permanent interstitial implantation, and stereotactic body radiation treatment. There are two dedicated large bore CT simulators. The department currently utilizes Varian's ARIA RO operating system, and most treatment planning is performed using Varian's Eclipse TPS including adaptive image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy. Stereotactic radiosurgery and MR-based brachytherapy programs are implemented. In addition, plans are underway for renovation of vaults on site, with redevelopment of a linac vault into a dedicated Linac-MR treatment suite.