Important Deadlines

The lists below are not meant to be exhaustive. If you have any specific questions, you should contact
Please note that dates may vary slightly.

Exams/Program Completion

Please refer to the U of A Calendar for dates.
Please refer to the U of A Calendar for dates.


1-Apr: ACF studentships (agency deadline)
1-Apr: AIHS studentships (agency deadline)
1-Oct: AIHS studentships (agency deadline)
5-Oct: 75th Anniversary Awards (FoMD)
28-Oct: FoMD/AHS Recruitment Scholarships
31-Jan: WCHRI studentships
1-Feb: FGSR General Awards: Killam, Dissertation, Stewart
May/June: ACF/Antoine Noujaim Entrance Awards
May/June: Cathy and Harold Roozen Entrance Awards
June (TBA): QEII Graduate Scholarships
Policies and Procedures
Departmental policies and procedures, on topics such as PhD candidacy exams, required courses, selecting Chairs for exams, and more can be found in our Oncology Graduate Student Handbook
For information about general FGSR rules and regulations, such as thesis formatting, examining committee or supervisory committee composition, and more, can be found in the Graduate Program Manual. If you cannot find the information you require in either of these documents, please contact