Medical Oncology Fellowships at the Cross Cancer Institute

Duration: one year
Term: July 1, 2025 - June 30, 2026

Goals and Objectives:

During a one-year period of additional training, the fellow will acquire and integrate advanced knowledge and skills specific to the management of adult patients with a specific disease site (e.g., breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, lung cancers, genitourinary cancers….etc.).


Application Process

Before you apply, choose a tumour group site for your fellowship, and be prepared to discuss your research goals and objectives. By November 1, 2024, please send a letter of intent, CV, 3 reference letters and English language proficiency scores* to

This will be reviewed by the respective tumor site lead to determine if training at the Cross Cancer Institute is feasible before taking further steps.

*Note on English language proficiency: Please see the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta website for details on requirements.

Fellowship Training Objectives

 On completion of the program, the fellow will possess the knowledge and skills to be able to independently:

  • Formulate and defend the management plan for patients with the specific cancer type using the clinical, imaging, histological and biological available biomarkers.
  •  Assess and plan systemic treatment for complex patients within the specific tumor site (numerous comorbidities, high tumor burden, and rare biomarker combinations). Assess clinical trial eligibility and gain understanding of clinical trial rational and required trial specific assessments.
  • Be comfortable managing systemic therapy toxicities, immunotherapy related adverse events, and toxicities related to targeted treatment.
  • Take an active role in the multidisciplinary clinics and tumor board presentation Content and Organization

The fellow will attend all relevant clinics at the Cross Cancer Institute as well as all relevant tumour boards. It is expected that the fellow will spend approximately 2.5 days in clinic and 2.5 days doing research.


Research Contribution

Research activities are an integral component of the program and will represent 50% of the fellows’ time. In addition to participation in ongoing clinical research studies, it is expected that the fellow will develop and take to completion at least one clinical/translational research project.

Presentation at a national or international scientific meeting with a manuscript suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal is required and will be supported financially.

The fellow will be closely supervised and supported by his research supervisor and will be able to collaborate with members of the department of oncology within the context of his / her research project.