Dancing lights up Cassie Tobin’s personal life

Tamara Vineberg - 29 March 2021

Cassie Tobin performs at Orchesis Motif. Photograph by Marc J Chalifoux
Cassie Tobin is an administrator for the General Pediatrics Residency Program and we wanted to find out more about her personal passion - dancing.

Why do you love working in the Department of Pediatrics?
The people! Everyone from the faculty, staff, and residents are supportive and fun to work with. I am very grateful to be a part of this department at the University of Alberta. It is a place where I feel encouraged to learn more and contribute fresh ideas to our residency program.

We heard you are an avid dancer. How did you become involved with dancing?
I started cheerleading with the Alberta Cheerleading Association at a young age and this brought a new creative outlet of dancing, which began in high school. Once out of high school, I began dancing at several studios around Edmonton including Dancecode, Motives Dance and Fitness, Kore, and Orchesis Dance Performance Group at the U of A. Through training at the university, I became a board member for Orchesis and the social media coordinator.

How would you describe your dancing style?
Love this question! I have trained in several styles including contemporary/modern, ballet, broadway jazz and commercial heels. With this variety of styles, I definitely bring my groove to each piece, incorporating what I learned from each choreographer I have worked with.

Where have you performed?
I have performed three seasons with Orchesis Motif at the Myer Horowitz at the U of A. As well, I have been involved in a few concept videos with Danecode and Motives Dance and Fitness. Additionally, I danced with Crown Creations Dance on a piece for My United Way Foundation last season.

Is there a creative side to yourself you haven't explored yet?
My goal is to choreograph! I plan to create a piece for Orchesis next season. This work will be about childhood, make believe, and innocence. Finding your angelic imaginary moments as a child through an adult’s vision of their past infinite imagination. Dancers recreate moments of their childhood adventures and games through contemporary/modern dance to the song, Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men.

How else have you been keeping busy?
During this time, I have been dancing virtually with several studios around Edmonton. I have taken advantage of this virtual world by attending New York virtual dance classes at Broadway Dance Centre and studios in Vancouver. I’m one of the organizers for the virtual Orchesis Dance Motif 2021. We have eight choreographers lined up, and I have been attending virtual weekly dance rehearsals for this. I’m also very excited that they asked me to be a part of a piece for Nextfest this year!