Pediatric Grand Rounds Award

Dax Rumsey Heather Leonard and Hanna Kolski

Dax Rumsey, left, Heather Leonard and Hanna Kolski receive the 2019 Pediatric Grand Rounds Award. Missing is Anne Hicks.

Pediatric Grand Rounds presentations are hosted in the Department of Pediatrics on a monthly basis. These presentations provide educational value to pediatricians and others who provide medical care to children. Grand Rounds provide an opportunity to teach about cutting-edge information arising in clinical, educational, research and community engagement fields within pediatrics.

An annual Pediatrics Grand Rounds Award is presented to a faculty member of the Department of Pediatrics whose presentation meets a number of criteria that includes identifying a gap in knowledge in an important area related to child health and showing contribution towards narrowing that gap through their presentation.

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Recent Award Recipients

2019 - 2020: Aisha Bruce and Sneha Suresh

2018 - 2019:
Anne Hicks, Hanna Kolski, Heather Leonard and Dax Rumsey

2017 - 2018: Daniel Garros

2016 - 2017: Carol Hodgson

2015 - 2016: Maria Spavor

2011 - 2012: Lisa Hartling