Teaching Sessions During Pediatric Rotation

Academic Day - comprised of lectures to complement the experience the learners receive on clinical pediatric rotations, and possibly covering topic areas often not encountered.

Simulator class - uses various types of simulators to improve clinical competence (simulators include lumbar puncture—infant, newborn hip exam, IV starts and airway). Students also receive a session with instructors doing a high–fidelity simulation session. Here they work as a team using a systematic, prioritized approach to resuscitation and stabilization of pediatric emergencies.

Journal Club - provides the opportunity to learn about reading and appraising health sciences literature relevant to clinical pediatrics.

Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) - evidence based learning and practice intended to promote thorough, efficient, effective, and practical skills in searching techniques and resources, critical appraisal, creating useful summaries.

Admission & Grand Rounds - located at the Stollery site; students are encouraged to attend providing there is no conflict with what the preceptor may have planned at that time.

MED 531 Clinical Problem Series - mandatory lectures held throughout the academic year.

Computer Assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program (CLIPP) -  a teaching tool to ensure students have exposure to all the key pediatric presentations, given the seasonal nature of pediatrics.

PedsCases - a student-generated, interactive site designed to aid pediatric medical students. It is a comprehensive peer-reviewed learning tool that incorporates questions, multi-step cases, podcasts, clinical procedure videos and links to clinical practice guidelines which are created to meet the learning objectives for the core pediatrics clerkship.