Dr. Mario I. Tedeschini Northern Communities Pediatric Fund

Mario Tedeschini Scholarship

Angela Han, left, receives the scholarship from a member of the Tedeschini family.

The Dr. Mario I. Tedeschini Northern Communities Pediatrics Fund is awarded annually to a pediatric resident(s) to offset costs involved with training in any northern pediatric setting. The donors are interested in the impact of this training and ask that residents who receive this award provide the education coordinator with a brief reflection of their experience of their rotation in the rural setting.

Past Years' Recipients

2019 - 2020: Ellery Cunan
2018 - 2019:
Sarah Johnson and Angela Han
2017 - 2018
: Christopher Novak
2014 - 2015: Moses Abobo, Chantelle Champagne, Sarah Foster, Megan Fowler, Tara McGrath, Daniela Migliarese Isaac, and Jillian Popel
2013 - 2014: Chantelle Champagne, Cecilia Lee, Scott McLeod, Jessica Nicoll, Jillian Popel, and Hannah Weinstangel
2012 - 2013: Andrea Chambers and Scott McLeod


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