E.W. Gauk Scholarship in Pediatric Neurology Research

EW Gauk Award

Ratika Srivastava, left, and Amanda Yaworski, right, receive the scholarship from E.W. Gauk's granddaughter, Claudia.

The E.W. Gauk Scholarship in Pediatric Neurology Research is awarded annually to a resident in pediatric neurology or adult neurology program whose major field of study is concerned with neurological disorders of children.


2023-2024: Emanuel Mostofi and Catherine Sheppard
Lauren Cole
2021-2022:  Andy Ng and Emanuel Mostofi
2020-2021:  Amanda Yaworski and Andy Ng
Amanda Yaworski and Andy Ng
Ratika Srivastava and Amanda Yaworski
Anne Marie Denny and Ratika Srivastava
2016- 2017: Egidio Spinelli and Natalia Liapounova
2015-2016: Egidio Spinelli
2014-2015: Janette Mailo
2013-2014: Juliana VanderPluym
2012-2013: John Neilson


Dr. E.W. Gauk



Application/Nomination Procedure

Applications are closed for the 2023/2024 Award Year.

Applications will be assessed by a selection committee consisting of members of both adult and pediatric neurology.

For information regarding this award, please contact  Autumn Moronchuk at pedaward@ualberta.ca.