Sarah Lopaschuk Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Lopaschuk Memorial Scholarship

Gary Lopaschuk (right) presents the award on behalf of the family to Rafiaa Valji. 

The Sarah Lopaschuk Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a third or fourth year medical student, a pediatric resident or a pediatric graduate student for travel to a conference, symposia, developing nation medical experience or education travel activity that related to pediatrics. 


2023-2024:  George Slim, Elizabeth Yan, Madeleine Bohrerand Natalie Marsden
2022-2023:  Emily Downey, Martha Moran and Summer Hudson
2021-2022:  Jon Osborne,  Chelsea Morin,  Shubham Soni and  Alexandra Hudson

2020-2021:  Lynn Jacoby and Simran Ghoman
Reshma Sirajee and Austin Ericson
Rafiaa Valji (subspecialty resident), Peter Anto Johnson (medical student) and Bailey Komishke (resident)
2017-2018: Cynthia Gunaratnam (resident), Kylie Bernstein (resident) and Maram Kebbe (graduate student)
2016-2017: Tara McGrath (resident), Devin Chetan (resident) and Lester Liao (resident)
2015-2016: Nassiba Alami Laroussi, Chris Novak (medical student), Alana Chomyn (medical student) and Lexa Fraser (medical student)
2014-2015: Chantelle Champagne, Daniela Migliarese Isaac, Mark Assmus (medical student) and Ori Scott (medical student)
2013-2014: Marya Cordell, Susan Bobbitt and Jillian Popel
2012-2013: Angie Ip, Conrad Tsang and Marissa Tsoi


Family, relatives, friends, and faculty members.



Application/Nomination Procedure

Applications are closed for the 2023/2024 Awards Year

Applications are submitted via Google Form.

This recipient will be selected by a committee from the Department of Pediatrics.

For information regarding this award, please contact Autumn Moronchuk at