Clinical Resident Research

Research education is overseen by the Trainee Research Committee in the Department of Pediatrics.

The Trainee Research Course is mandatory for all year one general pediatric residents and is strongly recommended for all new trainees to the Department of Pediatrics.

Department of Pediatrics Research Trainee Awards

  • Trainee Travel Award (Pediatric Trainee Research Committee)
  • Trainee Research Operating Grant (Pediatric Trainee Research Committee)

There are numerous opportunities available to support clinical resident research. Access to many of these opportunities does require that both the clinical resident researcher and their mentor are members of the Women and Children's Health Research Institute. Membership is free, but requires the completion and submission of an online membership application.

Listed below are some opportunities for clinical residents.

Resident/Clinical Fellow Trainee Grants

This funding opportunity is offered by the Department of Pediatrics with the support of the Women and Children's Health Research Institute (WCHRI). Residents and fellows can access up to $2,000 (plus an additional $780 for biostatistics support) to carry out an independent research project. The proposed work should be within the applicant's ability to execute independently, within the time available, under the guidance of the proposed supervisor/mentor. Awardees may hold this grant once per eligible program type.
Applications may be submitted at any time. The turn-around for a grant review is approximately four weeks.
Applicants must:
  • currently be engaged in a residency, subspecialty residency or clinical fellowship program in the Department of Pediatrics;
  • not have initiated/started work on this research project in any way;
  • meet with WCHRI biostatistician for consultation and service quote prior to submitting applications; and,
  • be WCHRI in-training members.
Supervisors must:
  • be WCHRI academic members; and,
  • have a demonstrated record of effective mentorship.
Application information

Email any questions about the grant to

Subspecialty residents and clinical fellows: Geoff Ball, Associate Chair, Research, Department of Pediatrics

General pediatric residents: Joan Robinson, Director Trainee Research, Department of Pediatrics

Note that residents and fellows funded under the WCHRI Resident/Clinical Fellow Trainee Research Grant (i.e. prior to September 1, 2017) will continue to have their awards administered through WCHRI. If you have any questions regarding your WCHRI award, please contact WCHRI's Research Grants Administrator, Michelle Bailleux, at 780-248-2090 or