Peter Lougheed Leadership College

Host a Stretch Experience

Help shape the leaders of tomorrow.


The stretch experience is a self-directed leadership project that is designed by each PLLC scholar. Students should select an experience that pushes them out of their comfort zone and makes a difference in the community. PLLC scholars are highly engaged and ambitious students from various backgrounds and can be an asset to any organization.

Stretch experience student requirements

  • Must involve a minimum of 200 hours of leadership-related activities between May and August.
  • Can be a paid, volunteer or international position
  • Must be a viable leadership opportunity in any field
  • Scholars will prepare a brief presentation regarding their experience to be presented at the stretch experience symposium in Banff during Year 2 Orientation.

Organization requirements

  • All organizations must provide a verifier. This can be a representative from your organization like an employer or an individual the students are working with who can verify their project hours and provide a brief evaluation.
  • It must be within the organization's capacity to provide liability insurance and training to ensure the student's activities are legal and safe.

If you're interested in hosting a PLLC student stretch experience, please contact us for more information.