Peter Lougheed Leadership College

Lougheed College Lectures

The PLLC invites the public to be informed, challenged and inspired by local, national and international leaders from government, business, academia, as well as cultural and nonprofit sectors. All lectures are FREE to attend and go from

6-7:15 p.m.
ECHA L1-490
U of A Main Campus

2016/2017 Schedule

  • September 26 - Lessons in Leadership

    The 2011 Slave Lake fire and 2013 High River flood were two of the most devastating disasters in Alberta’s history.  With experience leading both emergency operations, Darrell Reid will provide insight into the importance of building, communicating, and maximizing the strengths of a team to manage complex and rapidly evolving emergency situations.
  • October 17 - Evolution of Decision-Making as a Leader

    NorQuest College President and CEO Dr. Jodi L. Abbott draws from her transformational work experience at NorQuest College to discuss how the decision-making process can be impacted by environment and leadership development.
  • November 14 - Disruptive Leadership & Innovation

    In a fast changing world, leaders must be able to identify, harness, or at least buckle up and ride along with disruptive innovation.  As a front line ER physician, medical journalist, and host of the CBC radio series White Coat, Black Art, Dr. Brian Goldman will discuss disruptions in the medical field and how leaders can learn to embrace disruptions to improve outcomes.


  • November 28 - Centering the Margins: Intersectional Leadership

    From grassroots organizing to an increasingly broad activist base across social media platforms, women, People of Colour and LGBTQ communities are challenging social norms and creating cultural shifts around inclusivity and transparency.  Kim and Tiq will discuss these various global efforts that are affecting change, transforming communities, and inspiring others to recognize leadership in multiple forms.


  • January 9 - The Mortar Between the Bricks: Emotional Intelligence & Leadership


    Drawing from her experiences in medicine, space, Silicon Valley and martial arts, Dr. Shawna Pandya explores emotional intelligence as the mortar between the bricks; a key facet of nuanced leadership, crucial for building and leading effective teams and creating successful outcomes.


  • January 23 - Turning teams: Using Leadership to Change the Collective Course


    Former Edmonton Eskimo player and current head coach of the University of Alberta Golden Bears football program, Chris Morris will share his experiences in turning teams around both on and off the field. Join us as Morris provides lessons in building and motivating a team, identifying and communicating a vision, and finding success.


  • February 6 - Communication: The Bridge Worth Understanding


    We feel we have authority over how we communicate, but there are subconscious thoughts and schematics that often control how we speak. Communication is more than exchanging information, it is an intricate process of give and take. Ahmed Knowmadic will instigate some thought provoking ideas and demonstrate how communication is more important and subtle than we understand.


  • February 27 - Ethical Dilemmas and Morality


    Ethical leadership is more important than ever in our current socio-political environment. Ethical leaders have the courage of their convictions which are made explicit and inform the actions and work of an ethical leader. They facilitate a culture of respect, trust and safety within which people are comfortable being creative, sharing ideas and critically appraising the work and ideas in the organization without making it personal. Dr. Konkin will explore what it means to be an ethical leader, how to live and survive as an ethical leader and why we need them.