Lab Research Opportunities

Lab Research Opportunities

An important component of any undergraduate program in science is hands-on training in a laboratory setting. As a member of our program, you will have the opportunity to learn everything from basic laboratory skills such as making solutions to more complicated tasks such as performing PCR reactions. These opportunities present themselves in two major ways; either through Pharmacology courses or through summer research positions.

Students can select certain courses during their program in which they are exposed to laboratory techniques. All students in our program must take the third year laboratory course, PMCOL 337, in which classical techniques in pharmacological experimentation as well as more modern techniques are explored. In addition to this, students have the option of taking PMCOL301 and/or 302 (3rd year), and PMCOL 401 and/or 402 (4th year), each of which is a single three-credit course in Fall and Winter respectively. In these courses, students will work alongside a Faculty member on a project of their choosing. PMCOL 401 and 402 are recommended for Specialization students who want to gain research experience, especially if they are interested in pursuing a graduate degree. Lastly, PMCOL 498A and 498B provide Honors students the opportunity to work for a full Fall/Winter on a research project of their choosing.

Summer research positions are available in many laboratories each year. Because these positions usually require that the student applies for external funding, anyone interested in these positions should contact potential supervisors no later than the beginning of the Winter term.

Finally, some laboratories provide opportunities for students to volunteer either during the academic year or during part of the Spring or Summer terms.