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Ann Thompson, BScPharm, PharmD, ACPR

Clinical Associate Professor & Assistant Dean, Experiential Education

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

About Me


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BScPharm), College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University, 1997

Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency (ACPR), QEII Health Science Center, Halifax, NS, 1998

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) - University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, 2011


Practitioner Award, AB Branch, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 2014

Hypertension Canada Award of Excellence, 2011

Gail McGlynn-Tuttle Practitioner Award, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Nova Scotia Branch, 2005


2006-present Alberta College of Pharmacists

2008 Additional Prescribing Authority (Alberta College of Pharmacists)

1997-2006 Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists

Clinical Practice:

University of Alberta Hypertension Clinic, Kaye Edmonton Clinic, Alberta Health Services


Experiential Education:

Novel Models of Precepting (Peer-Assisted Learning, Near-Peer Teaching, Co-Precepting)

Assessment of Students in Experiential Education



Pharm 367 Cardiology (Hypertension and BP Screening Clinics for Students)

Pharm 330 Practice Skills (Vital Sign Measurement)

Pharm 455: Elective Specialty Placement

Precepting in Experiential Education:

Pharm 455: Elective Specialty Placement in Hypertension Clinic

Pharm 513: PharmD Experiential Education Learning Part 3: Ambulatory/Community Practice

Pharmacy Residents in Hypertension Clinic (as part of Ambulatory Cardiology Clinics)

Guest Teaching:

Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Integrated Community Clerkship (Year 3)