Dean's Message


Dating back to 1914, the University of Alberta has established a tradition of excellence in the education and practice of pharmacy and graduate education and research in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. We are the first pharmacy program in the nation to graduate a Ph.D. in Pharmacy back in 1961 and the leading program in the nation in clinical pharmacy with our PharmD graduate class of 1985.

We are also the only pharmacy program in Canada with a dual Pharmacy/Master of Business Administration degree. Our faculty are visionaries that helped established the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada, the Canadian Foundation of Pharmacy and the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Research within the Faculty has fueled the region leading to a myriad of spin-off biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences our students are the most important natural resource that we have. Their education is an investment in the future of the pharmacy profession. Our outstanding faculty members are preparing students for the future which will bring further changes to the practice of pharmacy. Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy have done exceptionally well in Canada in the national Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) examinations.

We are an Intermodal Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences that has developed at the nexus of Engagement in the Practice of Pharmacy and the Development of Life Sustaining and Life-Saving Pharmaceutical Research. We are committed to excellence in the integration of both Pharmaceutical Care and Cutting Edge Pharmaceutical Research.

The research within the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences spans the pharmaceutical, clinical and social sciences, and encompasses the discovery, design, synthesis, mechanism of action, delivery and the fate of drugs, and their toxicology to the dispensing of pharmaceuticals and health care advice, clinical patient-care and optimization of pharmacotherapy and pharmacoeconomic and pharmacoepidemiological aspects of pharmacy and health services management and policy.

The Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences has maintained levels of expertise surrounding pharmaceuticals that are essential at all stages from discovery, pharmacology, development, production, pharmaceutics and delivery, distribution, utilization, and dissemination of related knowledge. The Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences is unique in the detailed, comprehensive understanding of physical, chemical and biological interactions and their outcome on pharmacotherapy. The Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta has developed an outstanding national and international reputation for research and scholarship.

Pharmacists are indispensable in the healthcare system and directly affect patient care and health outcomes. As a pharmacist there are professional opportunities in public and private practice within hospitals and community settings, the pharmaceutical industry and government, research, and academia. The training provided in the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta provides the expertise and ability to advance Canadian health through various professional avenues.

As Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, I am exceedingly proud to share information about our programs, faculty and students throughout this website. I invite you to browse our pages and discover the truly outstanding accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni as we continue to advance the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in the 21st century at the University of Alberta uplifting the health of the whole people for the public good.

Go Bears and Pandas!

Thank you for having me as your dean


Dr. Neal M. Davies, BSc.(Pharm), Ph.D, R.Ph.
Dean and Professor