Pharmacy Alumni Association Student Mentorship Program

About Mentorship
Through the U of A pharmacy mentoring program we have created a powerful personal and professional development tool.  Students progressing through their undergraduate pharmacy education may have the need for advice and guidance about their career options. The desire to have concerns addressed with regards to transitioning from an academic to professional work environment can be facilitated by a mentorship program.  Alumni pharmacists can help students. They have a wealth of professional and personal experience to share, and based on their experiences they are willing and able to answer questions and provide guidance for individual situations.  The U of A mentoring program creates a structure and environment for friendship and a non-judgmental relationship.

Examples of topics discussed 

The following is a sample of the list of topics discussed by previous groups:

  • researching and selecting a career path
  • finding your first job
  • similarities and differences in hospital and community pharmacy practice
  • reconciling differences between university and practice
  • networking with pharmacists
  • hospital pharmacy residencies
  • dealing with different personalities
  • balancing work and personal time

2014 Mentorship thank you wrap-up video
From the Class of 2015

How does the program work? 

The formal program is offered during the academic term from September to April each year. Students and pharmacists are pre-matched for similar interests and have an opportunity to meet in person. We offer an introductory/speed mentoring session for all those interested. We pair-up students and mentors after the first session an meet regularly to discuss topics.  It is often on those questions every student wants to know about but were not in a position or afraid to ask someone.

Questions? Contact:

Andrew MacIsaac, Assistant Dean, Advancement
3-142C Katz Group Centre
University of Alberta        
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E1
Phone: 780.492.8084