Gregory Eberhart, Class of 1979

Registrar, Alberta Collage of Pharmacists
2014 Outstanding Pharmacy Alumnus Awardee

Greg brings a set of skills and experiences that lead him to take on the role as a prominent leader who has helped shape the advances of the pharmacy profession in Alberta and across Canada.

Over the past 20 years, Greg has maintained strong ties to the Faculty, serving on committees providing feedback on training our future pharmacists so they are prepared for the new scope of practice changes. He has supported our Faculty's research and professional development needs in an effort to bring success to pharmacists in the changing roles in society. His actions include research collaboration as well as helping to acquire Alberta College of Pharmacists' funding for research.

Greg's contributions to our Faculty over the past two decades also include lectures and attending and speaking at student events.

Greg's efforts have helped to bring the Alberta pharmacy practice to the forefront. Alberta pharmacists have the broadest scope of practice nationally. He also led the development of the national requirements for pharmacy practice information systems. The requirements will ensure pharmacists have access to the information and technology they need to comply with the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities' Standards for Pharmacy Practice.

Recognition for his contributions to the profession includes the University Alumni honour award.