Dr. John McNeill, Class of 1960, MSc 1962

Dean & Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia
2014 Outstanding Pharmacy Alumnus Awardee

Dr. McNeill is a Dean Emeritus who served at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia for 11 years. He joined the University in 1971 as an associate professor and chairman in the Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Dr. McNeill's research focuses on the effects of drugs on the heart. In particular, he has determined the biochemical mechanisms of action of a number of drugs that increase the strength of each heartbeat.

He has also investigated the effect of diabetes on the heart. His investigations have shown that diabetes causes several biochemical and structural changes in the heart that can affect how the tissue responds to drugs. Importantly, in addition to insulin treatment, Dr. McNeill has found ways of treating the diabetes to prevent the cardiac changes.

Dr. McNeill has spent much of his career as a leader in research and pharmacy education. He also taught and had an interest in both therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse, including alcohol. He has been recognized by the courts of British Columbia and elsewhere as an expert in these areas.