Rosemary Bacovsky, Class of 1977

Retired Pharmacist, Advocate & Pioneer
2015 Outstanding Pharmacy Alumnus Awardee

After graduating from the Faculty in 1977, Rosemary worked at the Cross Cancer Institute for 10 years where she established a national profile for excellence in oncology practice for her work there.

After returning to school to receive her masters degree in Health Sciences Administration (HSA), she worked for Alberta Health to review its provincial drug plan. Her work led to many of the changes in pharmacy practice today.

Her career took her on path where she worked internationally for countries like Trinidad and Tobago on their public drug program and it also allowed her to set up her own consulting practice.

Rosemary is best known for her advocacy and work to expand the scope of practice for Alberta pharmacists. She felt the profession was ready for a pivotal change and saw the opportunity for pharmacists to expand their role in the area of prescribing. She was part of the working group that created the framework for the expanded scope of practice that became law in 2007.

Rosemary's legacy to the profession is well recognized and she has contributed much to provincial, national and international research and policy making. The legacy is also a physical one as she and her husband donated a valuable mortar and pestle collection to the Faculty's dean's office.