Pharmacy student services team named Wellness Champion

    The University of Alberta's Healthy Campus Unit has recognized our Student Services Team as one of its esteemed 2019 Wellness Champions

    March 15, 2019

    The University of Alberta's Healthy Campus Unit has chosen the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences' very own Student Services Team as one of its esteemed 2019 Wellness ChampionsThe team is being celebrated for their contributions to a healthier UAlberta campus community, and the ways that they are making it an amazing place to learn, work, and grow!

    What is a Wellness Champion?

    A Wellness Champion makes the campus community a better place. Their efforts positively influence how we experience university life, through academics, work, and play. A Wellness Champion connects people and helps build supportive environments. All efforts, big and small, contribute to creating a culture of wellness and a healthy university environment at the University of Alberta. 

    While wellness can be seen more obviously in the health-related initiatives across campus, it can also be found in the everyday spaces and interactions where students, staff, and faculty gather to connect, share, and learn from one another.  A supportive listener, a walking group, a favour for a friend, or a team wellness initiative; these are only a few ways wellness can be created. A healthy campus is nurtured through a combination of diverse efforts to improve social, emotional, academic and other factors.

    Congratulations to our Student Services Team for making the University a healthier and more supportive place!