Remembrance Day 2020

Dr. Neal M. Davies - 10 November 2020

Dear all:

As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved, we’ve all made some sacrifices for the wellbeing of others. With Remembrance Day around the corner, I am also reminded of the great sacrifices made so that we could live freely today. I ask that each of you takes a moment to reflect on this tomorrow.

The University of Alberta has a rich and important military history, including Alberta pharmacists and pharmacy students, who played key roles in both war and peacekeeping missions throughout history. Throughout WWI and WWII, pharmacists served in field ambulances, medical equipment depots, and field hospitals, and many served as soldiers. In WWI, 59 of Alberta’s pharmacists and pharmacy students served, and in WWII, 208. This service has continued over the years up until the present day in other wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping missions with our pharmacy alumni in both Gulf Wars, Kosovo, Afghanistan and beyond.

As you take a break from your studies or work tomorrow, I encourage you to take the time to honour and appreciate the efforts, services, and sacrifices of all Canadians who have served our nation from across the world, including those who are in training, in the reserves, or on active duty today. Think about ways in which you could contribute to remembering them: seek out historical materials to learn more, look into your own family’s military history, or take a quiet moment to be appreciative.

Thank you to all those who serve, and to their families as well. We are grateful for you this week and always.


Dr. Neal M. Davies, Dean and Professor