Benefits and Awards

The Faculty and students at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are very grateful to our preceptors. We are proud to acknowledge your contributions to the development of future pharmacists in Alberta, by way of offering:

Preceptor Recognition Awards Program

2020-2021 Award Theme:

Preceptors who engage students in innovative practice. This award acknowledges preceptors who use innovation and leadership strategies to optimize their practice. Students should describe how their preceptor(s) used innovation and leadership strategies to optimize their practice (e.g patient care, health care delivery, education). They should also describe how the innovation impacted the student pharmacist experience.

Award Eligibility:

All preceptors and co-preceptors for students participating in experiential education placements with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta, are eligible to receive this award via student nominations. All nominees meeting the award criteria will receive an award certificate (uploaded to CORE ELMS account).

Award Criteria:

Recipients of this award will have:

Acted in a way that fits with the annual Award Theme (above)

Assisted students in engaging within their innovative practice, enabling them to do the same once in practice. 

Academic Appointments

Preceptors are essential in preparing students to be confident pharmacist graduates who are ready to enter practice. As such, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is pleased to be able to offer Academic Appointments to preceptors as recognition of their critical role in the education of students. There are two academic titles available to preceptors at the Faculty:

Clinical Preceptor: Every preceptor receives this title, and is eligible for Library Access if the Library Access form is completed and submitted. This provides 120 days of University of Alberta library access corresponding to the term in which they are precepting.

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Clinical Academic Colleague (CAC): This appointment is available to preceptors who continually support the Faculty and its students by precepting on a consistent basis. This appointment grants the preceptor access to the University of Alberta library for an entire year. Other privileges are available.

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Full details regarding Academic Appointments, Eligibility, and Application Processes are outlined here.