Preceptor Benefits & Awards

The Faculty and students at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are very grateful to our preceptors. We are proud to acknowledge your contributions to the development of future pharmacists in Alberta, by way of two award programs offered annually. We are fortunate to be able to award Preceptor of the Year to a deserving recipient each year. 

The Faculty and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have also partnered to recognize outstanding preceptors who meet the criteria linked to an annual Preceptor Recognition Theme with our Preceptor Recognition Award Program. The theme for 2017/18 is: Preceptors engaging students in critical reflection. 

Other Preceptor Benefits include:

Preceptor Awards and Recognition

Access to Library Resources

Eligibility for Clinical Academic Colleague (CAC) status

Thank you for mentoring our students to become trusted care providers and contributing members of health care teams. You've led by example and forged the future of pharmacy in this province by shaping our students' professional practice and identity.