Precepting the Patient Care Process eModule

While the patient care process has been taught by professors, lecturers, and preceptors for years, a unified set of documents was created in order to standardize the process throughout the undergraduate curriculum. The Patient Care Process document (updated October 2018) provides an overview of the potential information a pharmacist gathers and considers to complete a patient assessment and develop a care plan, and it is recommended that you download and review a copy prior to listening to the podcasts. You can take notes during the podcasts on the Preceptor Practice Assessment Worksheet, which will capture details of your patient care practice to share with your student.

Our intent in providing this module is to create an awareness of the process which is being incorporated into the curriculum and enable students and preceptors to utilize these documents/tools to facilitate learning and teaching during clinical placements. We recognize that other tools and documents may be used within your practice, and we encourage the use and sharing of these with your students.

This module has six short presentation podcasts (total of approx. 65 mins) with accompanying slides (as handouts) about how to precept the various aspects of the Patient Care Process. Once you have completed the on-line sections of the Patient Care Process Preceptor Module, please take a few minutes to provide your feedback by completing a short survey.

Note: We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox when viewing these videos. If using Internet Explorer, you will need IE 8 or higher in order to view these videos. Please let us know if you are having trouble viewing them.


This six-module online training program can be completed within 60-90 minutes and is highly recommended for all patient care preceptors. Each module is a video-podcast, with a corresponding PowerPoint presentation. The eModule also includes a unified document that provides an overview of the potential information a pharmacist gathers and considers in order to complete a patient assessment and development a care plan.

Module 1: Introduction

Time: 11:23

Handout: Precepting Care Process


Module 2: Developing a Patient Database

Time: 13:35

Handout: Developing a Patient Database


Module 3: Drug Therapy Assessment

Time: 12:33

Handout: Drug Therapy Assessment


Module 4: The Pharmacy Care Plan

Time: 15:44

Handout: The Pharmacy Care Plan


Module 5: Documentation

Time: 7:10

Handout: Documentation


Module 6: Conclusion

Time: 3:10

Handout: Conclusion